Jr NTR fans are deeply disappointed about the outcome of the film Nannaku Prematho since they expected director Sukumar will not repeat mistake similar to " 1 Nenokkadine" and would give them a Sankranthi blockbuster. However much to their disappointment the script of Nannaku Prematho movie characters deals with IQ levels of Hero(protagonist) and Villan(antagonist) and this kind of narration may not appeal fans and mass audience in B, C centers as it's too brainy.

#NannakuPrematho is a daring script  with routine revenge drama film. But Sukumar's intelligent screenplay makes the film an interesting watch till the end. One should congratulate Sukumar's IQ levels, sometimes movie buffs wonder how Sukku bro pitches his ideas to producers to get a buy-in for such huge budgets to his film projects.

At first when people heard the title Nannaku Prematho they assumed the story would be a tribute to fathers however after watching the movie in theaters the audience stumbled after the main plot of the story was revealed in first 15 mins.

The plot of the movie is "A Son's gift to a father is to defeat his enemy"

Nannaku Prematho' Review in One Sentence from IQ perspective
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Story: Ramesh Chandra Prasad (Rajendra Prasad) is a London based Businessman who is a stalwart in business but tumbles to Kaultilya Krishna Murthy (Jagapathi Babu). Abhiraam (NTR), Ramesh Chandra Prasad’s son sets out for revenge for the cheating his father. Abhiraam woos Krishna Murthy’s father, Divyanka (Rakul Preet Singh) for his revenge mission. What happens next forms the the rest of the story.

Infact NTR gives best gift to lover Rakul (her mother Madhubala) than to his father Rajendra Prasad (enemy Jagapatibabu defeat)

Unrealistic Scene from Sukumar
Climax Scene: Doctors declare RajendraPrasad is dead however NTR wakes him up with his mannerism , a bit unrealistic for Sukumar's movie climax.

About Sukumar Post #NPK
Sukumar is putting too much stress on logic, science, butterfly effect, psychology.

Title is middle class , goals are elite class

A mannerism of  NTR beating his heart and clap might register in audience minds.

Plus Points:
Jagapati Babu
DSP Music
Interval and climax
Songs visuals

Minus Points:
Story in a Foreign backdrop
No emotional scenes between Father and Son
Too many repetitive scenes
Love scenes between lead pair
You only see NTR from beginning to ending

Dialogues that  made whole theater laugh:
1. "Pillalu Class ku vaccharu"  dialogue in climax Scene generates a spontaneous laugh
2.  Avakaya smell- Gunturu ( Vennela Kishore scene)

Hero spends Rs 25 Crores on a painting to steal Rs. 35000 crores from antagonist.

Telugu audience likes the IQ levels of  film director Sukumar however he is failing successively in constructing his vision into an entertaining movie product. Hope he retrospects his EQ levels (entertainment quotient) post Nannaku Prematho results. Tollywood audience do like variety in story telling that's the reason they blessed 100% love. Appreciate NTR for breaking monotonous tollywood movie formula and working with directors like Sukumar. Hope the duo combination continue and entertains the audience.

At the end the biggest looser is the filmy audience as he wastes his time and money. Hero gets his fat remuneration, Director takes his hefty package, Producer sells off the product pre-release for a table profit, the other loosers will be distributor & exhibitor.

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