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Mahesbabu suggested Koratala Siva to Cast Jagapathi Babu

Interview with TV9 anchor Anasuya revelaed  more about Mahesh babu, he gave open answers about his upcoming movie Srimanthudu and revelaed some personal traits. You can see more wiseness  in Maheshbabu's responses to the questions. Thanks to anchor Anasuya for asking some unique and non-monotonous questions.

Is Cinema just entertainment or should have social message?
Mahesh said" it's a good question, everything should be there but should be told in an entertaining way. If there's a message in the movie it should not be told as a Preaching  rather dealt in a commercial way.

Do you know your potentiality in Film Industry , ad world and social media? Why don't to act in Bollywood?
TV9 anchor Anasuya asked this question during an interview with Maheshbabu and this is how he answered " తెలుస్తూ ఉంటుంది I take a lot of pride to act in Telugu films. I love telugu audience , there's a lot of responsibility here and I don't have the time for me to work in Bollywood"

What genre of movies are interesting for Maheshbabu?
Mahesh said " I haven't planned, I'm open for any scripts that excites me.

Why do you hide your sense of humour?
Your co-stars  says Mahesh  has good sense of humour, why do you hide outside. Mahesh replied "espceially between sets I try to make the atmosphere calm, i play jokes, i laugh, talk a lot, because of that other actors also feel comfortable"

Why you used CYCLE in Srimanthudu movie?
Mahesh said "It came from Koratala Siva thought , he told that when i go to village I go by cycle, I felt the idea was fresh so we went ahead.

When Koratala Siva told the story line , what did you like?
Siva narrated the story to me in 45 mins , the first reaction i said was it was terrific and I decided in 5 mins to do the film. There was lot of emotion and I have not done this character till now.

Village adoption dialogue has become popular and reached everyone, what was the reason for writing that dialogue?
I always think of the totality of the story but not a particular dialogue. When there is a genuine script genuine dialogues evolve and the actor has room to  naturally tell the dialogue and that how people receive faster.

Does Sruthi Hasan character in Srimanthudu inspires Hero?
Yes that's why I repeat Sruthi's dialogue in second half of the movie " ఊరు మనకి చాలా  ఇచ్చింది తిరిగి ఇవ్వక పోతే లావు ఐపోతారు "

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