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Interview with Short Film Maker B R Kumar Raju

1. When did you wanted to become a Short Film maker?
 3 years back, the day I have realized that Short films are really good platfrom to showase our talent  and can gain good experience to chase my dream called 'DIRECTOR'


2. Tell about you and your background - City, Education , Family, Work experience
 My home town - Kadapa.
 My father is retired govt officer. I have two sisters and one brother.
 I am Married and having two cute daughters. :)
 I have worked for many companies as Marketing executive but ended up with no satisfaction as my dreams was calling me always.
3. How did the idea of Prema Ledani born?
This short film did not come from my mind came from the society where I have seen so many lovers fought like this and heared stories. Infact i can say Its a true story of many people.

4. How did you find your cast for your short Film?
Raj acted as Hero in one film called Pullaiah Premakatha. He has intense in his acting. Through some friends i got to know about Heroine Laxmi. She liked the story and agreed to act.

5. Getting female leads is difficult , how did you find your female lead actress?
Of course getting female lead is really difficult. But I am fortunate in this because My team got good recognition in my area. And they believes that We will come up with good characterization.

6. How much budget was spent on this Short Film?
I have taken Camera from friend. Actors haven't  taken single rupee. We spent little money on Food and Transport. We spent  Rs.3000/- in total

7. What cameras were used in making this short film?
 We used 7D.

8. Where did you get your Music, Editing, Rerecording done?
My Cinematographer Shiva anna is having good contacts so he has taken over. We have done it in our native place Kadapa only.

9. What titles were considered before Prema Ledani and why you finalized this?
We wanted some poetic titles yet to deliver perfect meaning to audience before wathing our short film. We dont want to mislead with the attractive titles. We considered two titles one is "Prema entha Madhuram , Priyuralu antha Katinam". But finalized with "Prema ledanai .. Premincha radani"

10. What mistakes have you made in this short film?
We should have taken more care in the editing and should have made climax little bit more dramatize.

11. Is this your first short film or have you made any other films before?
I have made few short films before. Among that short film called "Prema Rakshasi" featured in Sakshi news paper.

12. Can anyone make short films or what areas of knowledge one should acquire?
It's an art of story telling. Any once can make short films with the passion towards story telling.

13. When do you think you can make a direct feature film and what steps are you taking to get there?
I am planning for a feature film. It may takes few months.

14. What did you wanted to tell through your Prema Ledani short film?
I just projected the few incidents from real life of current generation. I wanted to lovers to see their mistakes in the movie..
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