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Is making a movie your dream? Vishnu Manchu short film contest 2015

Vishnu Manchu short film contest  2015

After Puri Jagannath now Mr.Vishnu Manchu initiates this short film contest with a goal of encouraging talented and enthusiastic filmmakers. Here is why he started this contest;

“As an actor and film maker I come across a lot of talented people who have a burning desire to make films and are waiting for an opportunity. Then I thought we, 24 Frames Factory, being one of the premiere production houses in India, why should not we create a platform for these people and bring in those fresh ideas to life. I want them to use this opportunity if they have the right talent.

“One of the best short love stories ever told is the Love Story of Carl and Ellie in the Movie UP, Pete Docter, the Director of the movie narrates one of the most beautiful love stories ever in a matter of 3 to 4 minutes. I am looking for talent like that who can narrate a great story in a matter of minutes. I am not looking for the technical aspects but looking for the art of story telling, I don't think anybody will mind if a mobile camera is used to make the film as long as the content keeps the audience engaged.

We are looking for talent that can deliver a beautiful story in 3 minutes.

Open to everyone, be it independent or student filmmakers. Works will be considered for competition only if they are of a total running time of 3 minutes or less. The contest committee reserves the right to determine the eligibility of any project.

The movies can be of any theme for the entry level. But after the participants enter the levels the candidate must stick to the theme given to them. The movies can also be shot with a cellphone camera, we are right now not looking at quality but at the art of story telling.

 All qualified entries must be independently produced and financed. Films produced, financed or developed by a major film studio or television network are ineligible to compete.

Level 1
The contest will be announced on 15th January and for every level there will be a theme given. The contestants are required to make a short film of 2-3 min with the given theme. Of all the entries, 20 contestants will be selected for level 1.

Level 2
5 will be eliminated from level 1. The remaining 15 contestants will be elevated to the next level. Another theme will be given and a week’s time will be given for the contestants to submit the entries for the next level.

Similarly the level 3 (10 Contestants in level 3) and level 4 (5 Contestants in level 4) will be conducted and the final Contestants from level 4 will win the contest.


Only one winner from the Level 4 will be selected. Winner will get the prize money on 19th March, on the Birthday of Dr.Mohan Babu himself.

Important Date Deadlines

Feb 10th - Entries
Feb 11th - Theme for Level 1 is announced
Feb 17th - End of Level 1
Feb 18th -Theme for Level 2 is announced
Feb 24th - End of Level 2
Feb 25th - Theme for Level 3 is announced
Feb 3rd - End of Level 3
Mar 4th - Theme for Level 4 is announced
Mar 14th - End of Level 4
Mar 19th - Announcement of Results

Entries are pre-screened by the Selection Committee. The panel selects 20 films from the submission field. These Officially Selected Films are then given a public exhibition on the Youtube channel of 24 Frames Factory. An Official Jury consisting of great filmmakers will go through the films and decide


1) Ram Gopal Varma
2) Deva Katta
3) Dasarath
4) Kona Venkat
5) Gopi Mohan
6) BVS Ravi
Apart form the jury, even the audience play a great role in selecting the best short film. All the short films will be uploaded on to the official youtube channel of 24 Frames Factory. There will be good weightage given to the audience’s response to the short film.


Prize money for winning the contest – 1 lakh
The winner will also get a chance to Direct a movie in the production of 24 frames factory.


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