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GD Short Film - Will it be Successful like VIVA ?

GD Short Film - Will it be Successful like  VIVA ?

The "GD" is a telugu short film based on Group Discussion concept. Directed by Satya Venkat Raghavan who hails from Vijayawada is a passionate upcoming short film maker. This story was born during his final semester of engineering and then they developed the idea into a short movie and used most of their final semester time for this project. As the story demands a big group Satya and his team started hunting for the right cast and most of the faces in GD are fresh faces who had no experience but interest to act in Short Films.

Aftr Viva, it's now Gd's turn to hit youtube hard and make u laugh ur a** out

Satya Venkat approached www.shortfilmsintelugu.in to promote their Short Film and our team immediately supported them with all necessary promotion on social media, youtube and on all our websites and network.
The GD short movie will be released soon currently it's in the final stages of Post -Production works.

We are happy to be Media Partners for The GD Short Film

In a short Interview with SFIT correspondent Satya was asked the following questions.

SFIT:  How did the idea of The GD short film started?
SATYA:  I was planning to make a short film since long time and worked on lot's of stories but short films like Viva always inspired me and kicked my back to make my presence felt in Telugu Short Film community. VIVA also gave me a confidence that there is big audience for this kind of subjects.

SFIT: Do you think GD is going to get that popular as VIVA?
SATYA: VIVA has set a benchmark for Telugu Short Film Success and we are hoping our views would cross VIVA. We don't have any actor like Harsha Chemudu but our group have given 100% and lived up to their characters. We have good fun elements so all put together we are confident that GD will rock on youtube.

Readers Stay tuned to this page as we'll do a video interview with GD team post release and ask more interesting questions to the team.

If you have any questions in your mind to ask GD team send them to shortfilmsintelugu@gmail.com

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